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Podstata Graffiti spočíva v tom, že writer alebo sprejer sa snaží prezentovať svoje pseudomeno

Mixed graffiti Creator with Alphabet graffiti design, graffiti this second discussion is interesting for me, you see the dross of their own design creator cool contrast color.

Graffiti Wall Street Iran, Tehran

Graffiti slowly emerged in the middle east countries that operate in various regions of the country United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Iran. Local newspaper had published an article about the author duah illegal photographs A1one Iranian artist's work at a bank in there make a Graffiti.

Artful graffiti in Olinda Brazil - South America

In South America particularly in Brazil there is something significant tradition, Sao paulo many spawned many graffiti artists. Graffiti unique and interesting and very rich coming from
berazil as a place for artistic berinsprirasi in every room or corner of the city of brazil as Artistic parallels.

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1 Kacka Kacka | 21. ledna 2014 v 8:43 | Reagovat

Tak tohle je bombička klucí, to se mi fakty moc líbí O_O

2 Bořek Bořek | 24. ledna 2014 v 7:40 | Reagovat

Konečně pořádky gráfka., už je zima tak koukám po inspiracy. tagy slušný. páčko :-P

3 Smithd647 Smithd647 | E-mail | Web | 2. srpna 2014 v 22:26 | Reagovat

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